Growing your wealth and, at the same time, sheltering your good fortune is an intricate balancing act.



For Your Consideration

  • Is it your intention to leave your full estate to your heirs?
  • Do you expect to bequeath assets to charitable causes?
  • Have you considered the tax implications (or consequences) of your choices?
  • Are you worried about leaving your family with a large tax burden?




You have accumulated significant personal wealth… and managing it can be complex.

At the same time, having substantial resources presents you with unique choices to be creative in how you grow, preserve, protect, transfer and distribute your wealth… all with the overlay of minimizing both risk and taxes.

Key concerns for many affluent clients are their agility to seize opportunities and that their suite of financial solutions is mindful, current and relevant. Through the use of insurance, you can make smart decisions that will minimize risk, leave you with greater flexibility and liquidity, and substantially add to the overall value of your estate.

Wealth Protection Through Insurance

As a risk management tool, you may have purchased insurance for various purposes over the years — each often in response to a specific need that arose. We can help you reconcile and verify that, taken together, your insurances: 

  • still support your overall estate plan
  • are aligned with your current investment strategy and financial objectives
  • are complementary
  • provide you with the necessary coverage
  • collectively are the most advantageous
  • will be subject to regular risk management review as your situation evolves.

The Living Benefits of Insurance

Create An Income Stream… Yet Preserve Your Estate’s Value

You may want to complement your fixed-income strategy with a pay-out annuity that will generate additional retirement revenue, and mitigate interest rate risk. This type of annuity is backed by insurance to replace the capital down the road – a cost-effective and smart tax move.

Informed Choices Offer More Flexibility        

A number of tools are at your disposal to proactively and significantly minimize taxes for your estate and your heirs. Let’s devise a strategy to accomplish two things:

  • Manage the tax impact if transferring assets to the next generation now, as well as when your estate devolves to your heirs and beneficiaries.
  • Eliminate the pressure to liquidate assets quickly in order to settle your estate and remit estate taxes.

Managing Charitable Giving and Philanthropy

In supporting clean water initiatives, building new inner-city playgrounds, financing medical equipment, or patronizing the arts, your gifts offer new life and opportunity when shared. Whether for a one-time bequest or a recurring donation, maintaining your funding source requires planning. Insurance can play a significant role in establishing a sustainable means to support your chosen causes, without diminishing your estate beyond the cost of your insurance premiums. Premiums are tax deductible along the way… as are your donations when paid out.

Some Options to Explore

  • Critical Illness Insurance to protect your Investment Portfolio from the pressures of unexpected medical expenses
  • Individual (or Corporate) Investment Shelter Strategies to increase the value of your estate
  • A Back-to-Back Insured Annuity to boost your income stream in retirement without eroding your estate
  • An Asset Protection Plan to avoid leaving your beneficiaries with unanticipated estate taxes

We are always at your service for any additional information you may require.