Anticipating your needs. Exceeding your expectations.



You know your own business inside-out, and you’ve been in the game long enough to have succeeded in accumulating substantial wealth. Your tactical decisions have paid off because of your ability to:

  • understand your market, industry and your competition
  • adapt your organization structure, diversify your product line, or know when the timing is ripe to launch in a new geographic region
  • innovate by embracing leading-edge technology, form strategic alliances, or vertically-integrate a service division.



To effectively shield and grow your wealth will demand this same commitment on our part as you have devoted to your own success day in and day out. With our wealth management professionals at your service, engaging our experts to deliver what we do best is just good business sense …and liberates you to concentrate on your other competing priorities. With complete confidence, you can turn your attention back to closing deals, climbing Kilimanjaro for charity, the launch of your new fashion line, or fishing with your grandchild at the family cottage.




No two clients are the same. Every single one brings their unique and distinct set of needs. That’s why we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Only after a thorough assessment of your history, present situation and your financial objectives, will we have the insight and knowledge to formulate a bespoke wealth management strategy that addresses your particular concerns.



How you choose to invest, use and distribute your assets is dependent upon and determined by a whole set of factors. External market factors as well as changes in personal circumstances can affect the appropriateness of the solutions we have proposed. Your plan will be closely monitored and adapted to assure your solutions always remain current and relevant.



How you enjoy your wealth most may not be exclusively in the form of mainstream investments. Maybe you would like to explore some ‘out-of-the-box’ investment alternatives that reflect your personal interests, such as thoroughbred horses and collecting Inuit art. Or, perhaps your travel commitments abroad have pre-empted you from transferring a time-sensitive payment for your new luxury car that has arrived early.

Finding creative solutions for your life’s daily financial concerns is our business. We’re here to help.