“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffet




On the surface, Financial Planning may mean different things to different people. Naturally, it starts with your assets, and focuses on attaining your financial goals as well as fulfilling your life’s ambitions.

In wealth management terms, however, Financial Planning has a precise definition – and a well-defined, methodical process. It is thorough, and produces a personalized, comprehensive and detailed roadmap to follow.

A Financial Plan consists of a complete and factual analysis of your current financial situation, and incorporates an action plan and recommendations that align directly with your present banking needs, investment objectives, and long-term concerns.

The Elements of Your Plan

Your individual Financial Plan will integrate and specifically address your:

  • Finances - The banking and lending demands of your present lifestyle.
  • Investments – The best portfolio management solutions for your investor profile.
  • Wealth Protection – Your real risk management needs now, and the best protective provisions for the future.
  • Estate – The necessary paperwork, and structures to provide for and protect you as well as your heirs.
  • Business – The framework for ensuring your company’s continuity, transfer, liquidation, or dissolution.
  • Philanthropic Intentions – Arrangements for charitable gifts, and sustained funding for causes that are meaningful to you.

An Integrated Approach

None of these elements are mutually exclusive. They are enmeshed and intertwined, and all require mindful, knowledgeable synchronization, underpinned by sound tax strategies to preserve as much of your wealth as possible. Having a solid legal framework in place to substantiate your decisions is essential to your peace of mind.

With the support of your Private Wealth Advisor, and calling upon our multidisciplinary team and input from your own experts as needed, our financial planning specialists will produce a plan that you can embrace with confidence.

We are always at your service for any additional information you may require.