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For Your Consideration

  • Are you thinking of a major extension to the family’s country retreat?
  • Have you maximized the lending value of your personal holding company?
  • Do you have a large, single or concentrated stock position that you wish to leverage or diversify?
  • Is your current private banker equipped with the level of expertise and range of experience that you now require?




Personal and family finances may be complex and, at times, demanding. However, this is exactly where we excel — your one-of-a-kind challenges inspire us to develop creative solutions that are custom-designed to suit you and your family.

Ease of Doing Business

From the very start, our clients will experience our exceptional white-glove service — always delivered with refined, professional service and the utmost discretion. We have thought of every little detail to ease the transition for clients. Well-versed at seamlessly transferring accounts and other assets, making arrangements and interim provisions, and taking care of those elements that come with change, we anticipate your needs and always aim to exceed your expectations.

The Depth of Knowledge We Possess

Our ethics and integrity dictate that our expertise must rest on a solid foundation, underpinned by deep knowledge. It is our responsibility to possess specialized intelligence fundamental to each region in which we do business. Furthermore, it is also our duty to have a thorough understanding of your local reality on which to base our advice and guidance.

Understanding Your Story

To determine how we can best respond to your personal banking and bespoke lending needs, we must first understand your own aspirations and those you have for your family — with all their accompanying complexities, and any other pursuits you hold close to your heart. Our services encompass your immediate family — spouses or partners, children and parents — and can extend to holding companies and trust accounts. To be an effective financial partner, your Senior Private Banker wants the full benefit of knowing what is personally valued and truly meaningful to you.

Privileges and Advantages

Whether you have standard banking needs or are seeking made-to-measure, innovative and complex financing assistance, your Senior Private Banker is always accessible to provide expert advice, proactive, wrap-around banking solutions and custom lending options to suit you.


  • A suite of accounts that will satisfy a variety of needs for you and your family
  • Services to handle your special day-to-day banking requests
  • A Private Banking 1859 Client Card tailored to your requirements.
  • A flexible credit bundle that let’s you choose the distribution balance that works for you
  • Mortgages, Personal Loans, and Lines of Credit for day-to-day and investment opportunities
  • Private Banking 1859 World Elite® MasterCard®, including Concierge Services.


Many other exclusive banking privileges and lending advantages await — all rendered with the white-glove care merited by our discerning clients




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