Engaging professionals to invest your wealth – your way!



For Your Consideration

  • Is your investment policy statement current?
  • Are you confident your portfolio is optimally diversified?
  • How might fluctuating currencies impact your foreign investments?
  • What would the consequence of rising interest rates be on the safest portion of your portfolio?



By Practically Every Measure, You Have Made It!

You are well-positioned to become, or have already accumulated considerable wealth as a very successful small-business owner, entrepreneur, talented artist, surgeon, an exceptional athlete… or, as an astute, middle-class professional who has wisely saved or was perhaps heir to some family money. However you got here, you have achieved a certain level of financial security and comfort. At this point, you want to make your assets work for you. And, we would be honoured to be the financial partner you choose to accomplish this.

We’re Listening… It’s One Of Our Strengths

At Private Banking 1859, we firmly believe we must fully grasp and comprehend the nuances of each client’s objectives before we can offer plausible solutions.  Listening, understanding and setting the ground rules together are our commitments to you.  

After we are crystal clear about what you want, then we will formulate what we consider to be the most appropriate and effective investment strategy – that balances your risk tolerance and your targeted rate of return, all in light of your time horizon, liquidity needs and tax concerns. 

In the management of your portfolio, our philosophy is to aim for long-term capital appreciation while minimizing volatility. To complement our strength in making the strategic and tactical decisions (opportunity identification, vigilant monitoring, re-balancing, and optimization), we favour employing the global expertise, depth of experience, and impartiality of world-class independent professional managers. We can then concentrate on achieving the right mix – optimum diversification of your portfolio.

Developing Your Personalized Portfolio

With your Private Wealth Advisor, you’ll work to:

  • Define your investor profile 
  • Draft an investment policy statement 
  • Determine your optimum portfolio diversification by asset class, sector, and geographic region.

Your integrated offering will comprise an optimal and tactical combination of:

  • Individual Holdings
  • Private Pools
  • Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs).

You will have access to multiple asset classes:

  • Money Markets, Bonds, Preferred Shares
  • Canadian, U.S. and International Equities
  • Emerging Markets
  • Non-traditional Investments. 

We are always at your service for any additional information you may require.