2018 Client Satisfaction Study: Inspire us!


At Private Banking 1859, our clients are our reason for being as well as our inspiration. We would like to thank you for your business and for trusting us to help you fully live your wealth.

In order to continuously improve your experience, we are conducting a client survey. Through this approach, we want to offer you the opportunity to share your feedback to ensure your satisfaction and meet your current and future needs.

In this context, we have mandated the research firm Ad hoc Research to conduct this study independently:

—  This study is held from November 5th to the 25th inclusively.

—  The survey invitation is sent via email and contains a personalized link to the survey (not to be shared).

—  Confidential information will not be required at any time (IDs, passwords, account numbers, credit card number, etc.).

—  The online survey is hosted on the secure servers of Ad hoc Research.

—  The answers will be treated confidentially.

To thank you for your feedback and the time you grant us, Private Banking 1859 will pledge a donation to UNITED WAY for each completed questionnaire. Therefore, your feedback, combined with those of other clients, will not only improve the service you receive but will also result in a significant contribution to the community.

For more information about this 2018 Client Satisfaction Study, please contact your Private Banking 1859 Professionals.

For any comments related to the study, you can also contact privatebanking1859@nbc.ca.


We thank you in advance for your time, comments and being the source of our inspiration!


The Private Banking 1859 Team

1 For any inquiry regarding Adhoc Research, please contact the Project Manager Marie-Claude Gendron: Marie-Claude.Gendron@adhoc-recherche.com; 514-937-4040 ; extension 110).