In Private Banking 1859, you have found a trusted partner. In order to assess your situation and identify your needs, we take the time to get to know you. Simply put, your priorities and aspirations become ours as well. Together we build customized financial solutions that integrate your personal and family needs. You can always count on us to go the extra mile and exceed your expectations. 

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You are unique. Whether it’s about your family situation, your personal interests or your aspirations, because of our agility and capacity to understand all of your needs, we can offer you solutions that are made to measure. These are developed from among the full range of services provided by wealth management experts. 


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Showing leadership means making every effort to attain your goals and to achieve excellence. Together we transform your vision into reality. 


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“The very name Private Banking 1859 evokes the strength, endurance, and deep values ​​of a financial institution with 150 years of history.  Our ability to continually evolve stems from our spirit of innovation, agility and sense of entrepreneurship.

We develop a holistic view of each client’s personal and family situation, management company, trust fund, or even their private foundation. Thanks to the expertise of our advisors, needs can be quickly identified and the appropriate Private Banking 1859 professional engaged – whether it be a portfolio manager, credit specialist, or a financial or estate planner – who can develop custom solutions that respond to a client’s particular circumstances. Our strong partnerships with experts in other sectors of National Bank also enable us to address clients’ concerns beyond those of wealth management.

We attribute our success directly to our clients and the confidence they have placed in us. They fuel our passion, and we want each of them to enjoy an extraordinary wealth management experience built on relationships of trust and a spirit of collaboration. They know we have only one goal in mind: to provide them with peace of mind."



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